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An epic road trip to Tobermory from Toronto!

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Summer calls for some epic road trips and Toronto has an infinite number of options for travel lovers. Most people simply head to Tobermory for camping, hiking etc directly from Toronto but they don't realize that they miss so many captivating places in between which they can visit to make the trip super awesome!

So this summer, enjoy the itinerary I made which is around 5 hours drive from Toronto to Tobermory, and covers seven oh-so-amazing locations.

Stop 1: Belfountain Conservation Area

This green conservation area consists of waterfalls, suspension bridges, flower gardens caves and historic sites like gristmills.

It's perfect for hiking and strolling to enjoy nature's beauty. The suspension bridge offers great scenery and is perfect for some pretty pictures.

Stop 2: Elora Quary

This place is so unique and it's very difficult to find a spot like this anywhere. The water is surrounded by greenery and it looks like a giant natural swimming pool. It's one of my favourite locations to visit near Toronto. You'll not regret spending hours soaking in sun and dripping in water here.

Stop 3: Blue Mountains

This cozy town is famous for its old architecture and European feels. The houses and markets are straight out of a fairytale and you'll be teleported to a different era and different continent altogether in just 2 hours of drive from Toronto. It's a must visit location and you can spend the night here as this town offers a number of accommodation options. Also it's an extremely popular location for spas, so anyone looking for a relaxing time, just head to any of the super luxurious spas in the area.

Stop 4: Inglis Falls

Next early morning you can head straight to Inglis Falls, which are very scenic and the nearby area is perfect for some light hiking.

Stop 5: Sauble Beach

This white sand beach is gorgeous, spend the afternoon sun bathing on the beach. Watching the sun set over the cool blue horizon is something you will never forget. The area is full of small hotels where you can easily spend the night after soaking yourself in the much needed sunshine on the beach whole day. You can also do some local shopping in the area!

Destination: Tobermory

Sitting on the edge of the gorgeous Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory is a homely and welcoming town. Some of the popular attractions to visit here are Indian Head Cove, Cyprus Lake Grotto, Flowerpot Island and the Shipwrecks of Big Tub Harbour. You can take a cruise to the Peninsula Island which takes you to see ship wreck under water! You can stay the night camping after hiking. Before heading back to Toronto make sure to stroll around the town for some cozy vibes.

Below is a picture of the map covering all of the above!

Happy Travels!!

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