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Aurora Winter Festival - The most magical place in Toronto right now!

Toronto is a winter wonder land on its own, but if you want to experience the most magical place in the entire city, you got to go to Aurora Winter Festival at Ontario Place.

This is a great option for families with kids, group of friends or for a couple's date night. It's easily accessible by TTC or Go Train, opening hours are 4pm to 10pm every Wednesday to Sunday until 30th December.

Upon entering, you'll be able to access Main Street Market area with the cutest little wooden hut shaped shops which offers an array of Christmas related items. A miniature choo-choo train also runs in this area for kids to enjoy! There is a perfect Christmas photo op for you to take some postcard worthy snapshots.

After passing through this area, you'll be able to witness the most amazing and Christmas-y skyline of Toronto with lake and C N Tower views.

From here you can head towards the Amusement Park and Tube Rides area. You can enjoy a ride on the carousel, the ferris wheel and snow tubing to bring some festival thrills.

And which winter festival would be complete without ice skating? Just head towards the Frozen Pond area for some magical feeling as it's decorated so beautifully and you can't miss the golden Christmas tree.

After all this you'll be feeling really really cold! And that's when Entertainment Tent comes to rescue you. This heated area is so romantic with candle holders on the table, a stage where bands are performing and you can order hot chocolates and alcoholic beverages to bring some warmth.

Head to the Mystical Worlds area for the most magical winter land after taking rest at the Entertainment Tent. Here you'll be able to see light installations that will blow your mind! Light installations which are so unique and beautifully crafted with so much hard work really shows the effort of the management of Aurora Winter Festival. There are like a gazillion photo ops here. This is an Instagram blogger's dream. Believe me, you can see the gazillion photos below for some proof!

You can also enjoy the DJ in the Mystical Woods area to shake a leg and grove to some music and have a memorable night.

The next stop will be the Santa's Workshop which will take you straight to the North Pole. They have a cute set up where kids (read adults with kids heart) can write letters which will be sent to Santa Claus in North Pole. You can also enjoy story time with Santa in his workshop. If this will not set you up in Christmas spirit, I don't know what will.

After satiating your inner innocent child, go to the Food Gardens area for some mouth watering, delicious food to satiate your belly from festival's several food trucks. You can get multiple options for food and drinks such as poutine, waffles, coffees and pizzas to name a few!

Read below for some tips!

  • Try to go during the 4pm - 5pm slot as you can hit some pretty pictures during golden hour.

  • Get the advantage of unlimited free snow tube rides on 12th and 13th December.

  • Wear lots of layers of clothing, it will get really cold.

  • Take a good camera to get quality photos, we all know iphones suck in night photography!

  • Majority of vendors take cash, so bring in some of the green paper! They do have ATMs, but carrying cash would still be a better alternative.

  • Don't forget to take IDs in case you would like to order some alcohol.

  • Wear comfortable shoes, it will be many hours of standing feet and walking in festival.

  • If possible, try to visit the festival on weekdays, weekends get crazy busy.

  • Also, purchasing the ticket online is a better way to go, it costs the same and you'll save the hassle of standing in a que.

  • Arrive at your designated time slot mentioned in your ticket.

  • Most importantly, Bring out the child in you and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

You can book your tickets here: https://www.aurorawinterfestival.com/toronto/tickets/

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