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Best places to see Cherry Blossom trees in Toronto!

Spring has sprung and it's the second best time to witness nature's beauty (best one being the Fall season!)

Toronto has some of the most amazing collection of Cherry Blossom trees all across the city and you need to see them in person to understand all the hype! They bloom for a very short period of time, I highly recommend for a day out as soon as possible.

Read on to check out my favourite locations where you are guaranteed to see some great views and beautifully bloomed cherry blossoms.

1. High Park (1873 Bloor St W, Toronto)

This is the most popular location to check out the cherry blossoms in Toronto and hence, the busiest as well. Going early morning is strongly recommended if you like to take some pictures for Gram!

2. Trinity Bellwoods Park (90 Queen St W)

Cherry Blossom and C N Tower in one frame. What more can you ask in a "spring in Toronto" picture?

3. University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus (1265 Military Trail)

There are 50 cherry blossom trees in the Humanities Wing of the UofT Scarborough campus. Do check them out if you are living in the east end of the city.

4. Woodbine Park (1695 Queen St E)

This is a great option to spend a picnic day, enjoying the scenic location and see some of the cherry blossoms in the area.

5. York University (4700 Keele St E)

Just like UofT, York University has several cherry blossom trees to check out at this time of the year.

6.Centennial Park (151 Elmcrest Rd)

The entire park has more than 400 cherry blossom trees, so you can get some great pictures any time of the day.

7. Kariya Park (3620 Kariya Drive, Mississauga)

For all you people living in Mississauga or Brampton, Kariya Park is the best option for witnessing the cherry blossom trees.

8. Toronto Island Park

There are around 30 cherry blossom trees next to the William Meany Maze in the Toronto Island Park, simply hop on a ferry and enjoy the day!

Do let me know your favourite location to check out Cherry Blossom!

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