• Ankita

Why Benefit's High Beam will always be close to my heart!

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Benefit High Beam

Have you ever experienced love for some makeup items more than others? It's nostalgia and memories attached with that product which makes it extra special. For me, High Beam was that product. It is what dreams are made of. It was the first highlighter I've ever used back in the days and it got me hooked. I've hoarded all possible highlighters from so many brands and in so many variations from powders, to liquids, to jellies and so on but the feeling when I first swatched High Beam is irreplaceable.

There was this product which made your cheekbones shine. As a teenager, it was pretty fascinating. It simply changed my makeup game.

High Beam liquid face highlighter, though launched years back, is still a cult favourite product. The formulation and consistency of the product is just perfect. A little swipe of this magic potion will give you highlighted areas on your face which can be seen from space!

It has a great shelf life, and you need such a little amount which will be enough for all your highlighting needs. A little goes a long way in this case. So that justifies splurging on this cutest little item for your vanity.

This highlighter is not chunky or too sparkly, it gives a perfect sheen glow to your skin. It stays put all day and it dries down pretty quick in matter of seconds.

Check out the swatch below:

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