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Which Mario Badescu Facial Spray is best for you?

Did you ever walked to the skincare section at a Sephora or scrolled on their app/website and wondered which facial spray is best for me?

I love using facial sprays in my everyday makeup more than the setting sprays which I use for the days when I want to be extra glam or needs it to last for many hours without any touch ups. Facial sprays are better for the skin because of their ingredients and they can be like a little bit of skincare in your makeup game. They work perfectly to blend your makeup, provide extra hydration and give you that sheen glow.

Now that you know why they are so great, read on to find out which one is perfect for you!

Mario Badescu offers three types of facial spray all containing aloe vera which has antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin A and C; and it is anti inflammatory in nature. It's great for cooling, hydrating and moisturizing your skin.

Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea: This is perfect for oily and acne prone skin. Green tea and cucumber helps in controlling pimples by cooling the skin and reducing the production of sebum by your skin. I use this in my skincare routine whenever I feel redness or inflammation, or a zit popping up on my face.

Facial Spray with aloe, chamomile and lavender: This is perfect for uneven and textured skin. Lavender makes everything extra luxe. Chamomile is used as a relaxant even in teas. It smells so good and instantly puts you into zen mode. Perfect for those self love moments. I use this when I want to feel extra special or when I'm anxious or nervous!

Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater: This is perfect for dry to combination skin. The herbs and rose water gives that extra glow. Rosewater is perfect to use with makeup as it helps everything blend and look great on skin. I use this one in my makeup routine because it gives my skin that extra radiance!

I hope this would help you to find the best spray suited to you. You can buy any of them at Sephora according to your skin / requirements or you can buy all three like I did and use each of them as and when required.

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