• Ankita

Your search for the perfect sunscreen ends here!

We are struck inside our homes for quarantining due to corona virus around the world and when asked what will be the first thing you will do when this nightmare is over? Majority of the people would just want to go out and get some real sun! Before you do that just remember to apply your sunscreen and save your skin!

I have always struggled with sunscreen and honestly neglected it completely during my teens majorly because I never found a sunscreen which I liked and felt comfortable with. It’s always goopy and thick; and made my skin very oily and sticky.

Also sunscreen usually made a white cast on my skin which made my makeup look horrible. I’ve literally struggled a lot because of it. Finally I got my hands on the Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Lotion and it’s been a big relief! Read below to know why I love this so much!

  1. The lotion has a thin consistency and is translucent instead of being opaque and white

  2. It has broad spectrum SPF 50+

  3. It turns invisible upon application which is my favourite thing about this product

  4. It is water resistant for upto 80 minutes

  5. It works perfectly as a primer under makeup and gives a perfect base for makeup application

I hope this will lead you in discovering a sunscreen that will love!! Let me know other sunscreens you love or recommend.

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